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MIND”BEN”DER 9/14/2020

By | Ben & Friends Podcast, Ben's MindBENder


 …What an appropriate Mind”BEN”der today since we are in the middle of a pandemic as well as trying to “stay clean and safe” during these times.  When it comes to “this,” over 13,000 hands touch it per month…what is it?

…NOT restaurant menus…

…NOT toilets…

…NOT a door handle…

The answer via Craig of Opelika:

MIND”BEN”DER 9/11/2020

By | Ben & Friends Podcast, Ben's MindBENder, Wings Front Page News


 …Funny how small expenses add up and become larger over time and what we waste money on.  If someone likes/drinks this particular drink, they spend an average of over $50 monthly on it.  What drink costs someone over $50 monthly?


…NOT coffee…

…NOT sodas…

…NOT alcohol/beer/wine…

The answer:

MIND”BEN”DER 9/10/2020

By | Ben & Friends Podcast, Ben's MindBENder


 …Social media is THE THING to do when you are involved in an activity…even when it comes to stuff around the house.  Well, 32% of women take to social media and update their status when they are doing “this activity” at home…what is it?


…NOT cleaning…

…NOT kid involved…

The answer via Miranda who knew it right away!!!

MIND”BEN”DER 9/08/2020

By | Ben & Friends Podcast, Ben's MindBENder, Wings Front Page News


  …We’ve all had “shower thoughts.” Well, women were surveyed and they claim that “this” is the top thing they think about in the shower…what is it?


…It’s NOT men…

…It’s NOT fashion…

…It has to do with both themselves and could involve others…

The answer thank to Kim (we knew it would take a woman’s touch to figure this out over the boys):

MIND”BEN”DER 8/28/2020

By | Ben & Friends Podcast, Ben's MindBENder


 …Tailgating season is here!!! From Friday night lights to Saturdays in the south, the one constant is great food!!! When it comes to college football fans, tailgating food is treated like you’re eating from a five star restaurant. A lot of things are always on the menu but for 37% of college football fans, “this” is a must have and is eaten by tailgaters. What is it?


…Not a burger…

…Not as much of a southern thing as it is the Midwest…

…Goes great with beer…

The answer by Chris of Auburn:


By | Finish The Lyrics, Wings Front Page News



Taylor Whitson of Opelika knows her Phil Collins classic hits and she’s a winner from Wings 94.3 because of it!

Taylor played Finish The Lyrics this morning on Ben & Friends in the Morning and successfully knew the words to “In the Air Tonight”, Collins’ hit from 1980. She won a free car wash from Rich’s Car Wash, with locations in Auburn and Opelika, as well as a 12-pack of Pepsi from Buffalo Rock.

Listen to Taylor blast out the lyrics below:


Ben plays Finish The Lyrics each Monday, Wednesday and Friday so CLICK HERE to sign up to be a contestant.


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