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Advanced Features In Windows 9 Start Menu | Top 5 Features Expected

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We have seen a lot of rumors on the web regarding the build of an upcoming operating system from Microsoft such as a leak of Windows 9 release date, the inclusion of Start menu in Windows 9, an introduction of Microsoft’s private Visual Assistant Cortana in Windows 9. We have seen this leaks with screenshots leaked by some German and Russian blogs. After being badly criticized for Windows 8, Microsoft wants to win the faith back. We saw many people who used Windows 8 on their desktop returned to Windows XP or Windows 7 due to the absence of old “Start” menu they were astonished and were shocked to see Windows without a start menu. The start menu was Window’s one of the most used feature, and users could not digest the absence of it, and it was very hard for them to search for basic things in the newly introduced tile version in Windows 8. Razer synapse not working Even to shut down the PC, people had to scroll the mouse to the corners of the screen which was sometimes very irritating. But now Microsoft is out with rumors that it will be back with their classic Start menu with a modern touch.

The classic start menu with a modern touch will be one of the features to look out for in Windows 9, and there will be a handy change from Microsoft to get back on the right tracks. Here are few key features that are expected to the start menu of Windows 9:

  • The new start menu has a personalization option where a user can choose his color as per his preference.4
  • The user can Add and Remove apps from the search bar in the start menu.
  • The search bar in Start menu can search the computer and the internet as well.
  • The start menu will automatically change the colors according to the theme you are using.
  • The direct drive access from the Start menu without opening MyComputer.

There are many such special features will surprise everyone, especially for desktop users who were not happy with Windows 8 tile version as they did not have touchscreen feature. We hope Microsoft will rock this time with Windows 9.

Microsoft will be right back on tracks if it comes with the start menu as people are eagerly waiting for it.

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