Rich & Jeremy in the Morning!

From the day they first hit the airwaves on January 4, 2016, Rich & Jeremy in the Morning has been the perfect way for listeners in Auburn/Opelika to get their day going…informed, entertained and with a smile on their face!

Hosted by local duo Rich Perkins and Jeremy Henderson, Rich & Jeremy in the Morning airs weekdays from 6 a.m. until 9 a.m. on Wings 94.3.

It’s not a syndicated show originating out of Charlotte or Birmingham and it’s not a show focusing on celebrities in Hollywood. The show originates from the Wings 94.3 studios located in Auburn/Opelika, features hosts who both live in Auburn/Opelika and focuses on local people, events, happenings and issues.

Every weekday morning, Rich & Jeremy incorporate live local guests, listener phone calls, contests, conversations about local issues as well as local news. They also play some really great music – tried-and-true classic hits – along the way!

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Read Rich & Jeremy’s Bios Below!

R & J’s Bios

Rich Perkins, a Birmingham native, grew up with a love for music and the radio.

As a child of the 70s and 80s, it was the big power rock stations that first grabbed his ear…Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Boston and Foreigner. Then, after moving to Atlanta for his high school years, it was the emergence of post-punk, college alternative sounds that became “his” music…R.E.M., U2, The Smiths, B-52s, The Violent Femms. And his love for music never stopped. His iPod contains everything from Chris Isaak and Dave Brubeck, to Liz Phair and Kings of Leon. It’s a big, beautiful music world, and Rich wants to experience it all!

In 1992, after 4 years in the Navy, Rich came to Auburn, following in his father’s footsteps, and never left. A career in sales was the plan, but the radio bug bit him hard after his first gig at WEGL, Auburn’s campus radio station. Rich has been on the air, in one manner or another, virtually ever since.

Rich joined the team at Auburn Network, Inc. in June of 2011 and handles various programming and technical responsibilities in addition to co-hosting the world-famous Rich & Jeremy in the Morning weekdays on Wings 94.3.

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Jeremy Henderson is the heavier half of Rich & Jeremy in the Morning, a blessing from the Lord that allows him to harness his God-given gifts for conversation.

He’s also editor of the The War Eagle Reader, and arguably Auburn University’s most memorable Philosophy graduate. His parents both graduated from Auburn, as did his grandfather, who became a major player in Auburn’s Agronomy Department and went on to invent the soybean.

Jeremy, affectionately known by his friends and listeners as “Jer Bear”, has won feature writing awards and is currently writing books. According to Wikipedia, he is technically a Gen X’er.

Jeremy is a native of Birmingham but has brought joy to the Auburn/Opelika area for nearly 20 years. He has three children and one wife.