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June 2015 IP – More than just a Bunch of Numbers!

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Know how the government takes a census every few years to keep track of the population? Well, the internet has its own way to keep track of every user existing on its platform too! An IP address – Internet Protocol address – is a code which is unique to each user of the internet. An IP address is represented by a bunch of critically processed numbers, so that no two network systems connected to the internet have the same numbers. It is punctuated by periods. An Internet Protocol address recognizes each system that is connected over the internet and helps the signal communicate with one another. IP – More than just a Bunch of Numbers!

In other words, an IP address allots a unique identity to a network system. Just like you have a residence address to receive your packages, your computer device has its own ‘address’ to receive its messages. IP address serves as an ‘address’ to deliver the messages and signals directed to that particular network system. The computer device customs the DNS servers (which is a collection of IP addresses) to look up for the particular IP address it requires, to transmit the signals or packets to them.

There are several types of IP addresses – private IP address, public IP address, dynamic IP address, static IP address any such. As the name suggests, private IP addresses 192 168 1 254 admin login are used within a network (example, for home, office, etc.). The public IP addresses are used outside the network. Dynamic and Static IP addresses are used both privately and publicly. Only difference between them is that dynamic IP fluctuates whereas static IP stays constant. IP is an example of a private IP address, rather a cluster of private addresses. This gives an advantage to the system which has this particular IP that it cannot be accessed by any external system from outside. However, the system itself can access other network systems on the same IP address. Most common private IP addresses are:,, etc. In case a specific router has this particular IP – – all the devices connected to such router are allotted a different and unique private IP address. It is a complicated and much calculated process as any two devices having the same IP address can cause major IP conflict.

IP addresses vary according to the network you use and not the device you work on. For example, at home you may be working your device on your home network’s IP. When you leave for your office, though using the same device, you shall be connected to a different IP – your work’s internet network.

You can access the internet router device using the IP To do this, go to your web browser and search for and hit enter. This must take you to the directory or console of your router. In this router directory, you can alter several default values and change them according to your convenience. For instance, you can change the router’s IP address from the default ‘’ to any other of your choice. Most routers are sold with default username and password to ease the installation process. If is a safe precaution to change this username and password; this can be done by opening the router directory page and changing the settings.

If you ever have the computer geek rise in you and have the urge to fiddle around, just go to and find your network’s Internet Protocol address!