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July 2014

Everything you wanted to know about Ola coupons

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Ola is an Indian online based car rental service. The application is available over various platforms and can be downloaded on your smart phones and devices. The app is completely free to download and use. Ola apps is available over various cities all over India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Goa, Chennai, and many other cities.

What started off as a brain wave amongst a group of young, creative individuals in Mumbai, turned out to be one of the most popular and user friendly apps on the app market. The Ola app was created to help people enjoy more comfortable and cheap rides from one destination to another. Traditionally yellow taxis were turning out to be extremely unpredictable, uncomfortable and difficult to find at odd times or places.

In order to make travelling easier and safer to citizens, the Ola app was created. Using this app, users can book an AC taxi right from the comfort of their own homes. The AC taxi will come to pick them up from their preferred location, and drop them at any pre booked destination. The price of the ride is also informed to the user from beforehand and it is non negotiable.

Since the Ola app works on a GPS tracking system, it is much safer than normal yellow taxis. The company can track the Ola cab to ensure customers utmost safety. The customer himself can also track the movement of the Ola taxi to ensure it is arriving at the right destination at the correct time.

Ola coupons are a fun, innovative marketing technique created by the Ola company. The Ola coupons are created with exciting new offers every week to entice customers to use the Ola app.

Ola coupons can be availed of by customers at any time, during any ride that they wish, as long as the coupon is still valid. Ola coupons contain exciting offers such as 50% off discount offers, one Ola ride free with the coupon, cash back offers on inter state Ola rides, referral codes and discounts, Rs.250 off on your first ever Ola ride, or benefits for both parties of discounted rides for referral.

Ola Coupons can be availed of any time by simply typing in the respective Ola coupon code during payment time. If it is a cash back offer, you will be given a credit of your Ola ride within a few hours. In case it is a discount based Ola coupon, you can use the coupon code during payment time and avail of the discounted Ola ride.

The Ola app can be downloaded over any platform and operating system for free. To download the Ola app on your mobile phone, you have to:

  • Open your app store on your mobile phone
  • Search for the Ola app and download it on your mobile device
  • Register your name and number on the Ola app
  • Once registration is complete, you can use your mobile number to book your Ola rides hassle free!

Different kinds of Ola coupons available for customers:

  1. 50% off on your next Ola rides
  2. 250 free off your first Ola ride
  3. Get up to Rs.250 off if you refer friends and family to the Ola app
  4. Up to Rs.60 cash back on your next Ola ride
  5. Up to Rs.50 off on inter state Ola rides
  6. Get one Ola ride free with this coupon

Using the coupon codes during payment, you can avail of discounts and offers on your Ola rides. The Ola coupons are applicable for a limited period of time, after which new coupons are created.

Ola coupons are an innovative solutions for customers to enjoy their Ola rides at cheaper rates. Travelling with Ola cabs ensures ultimate comfort, friendly Ola cab drivers and reasonable rates to travel from one place to another. Pay using cash oy go cashless, your choice to enjoy your very own Ola app!

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